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Handling and resolving customer issues is a crucial part of customer satisfaction. With CRM for Banks providing end-to-end insight into service cases, banks are able to deliver exemplary customer experiences with quicker case time resolution, and a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Customer Service Dashboard

CRM for Banks’s rich dashboard functionality enables customer service representatives to gain an overall view of customer service activity and performance. The role-based security of CRM for Banks ensures that customer service reps are able to view and access only the data to which they have the appropriate permissions.

The flexibility of the dashboard enables customer service reps to personalize it by selecting which data they wish to display, and the chart format they wish to view it in (pie graph, bar graph, lists, etc.). Reps can view their case mix, active cases, cases by origin, case statuses, etc.

The dashboard charts are also dynamic, meaning that if reps wanted to get more information on a particular area of a specific chart - such as a slice of a pie chart - they can click on it, and then further filter the data that comprises that piece.

Customer Service Dashboard

Dashboards provide an important way to get an understanding of data at a glance. The dynamic charts in the dashboard enable customer service reps to drill down into the data.

Speed Up Case Resolution with 360-Degree View of Case Information

CRM for Banks provides a 360-degree view of cases and their resolution, ensuring that customer service reps have the most up-to-date information on each step of the service process.

For each case that comes in, an organization can first set up case routing rules that automatically assign a case to a specific customer service rep, or to a queue. Cases can be routed by the origin of the case (phone, email, web chat, fax), or territory, or any other parameters.

The case record provides an in-depth look into the details of the customer’s service request, as well as a detailed history of previous service requests made by that customer. The case record’s guided process bar standardizes service efforts, eliminating guesswork by ensuring that customer service reps complete all necessary activities before moving on the next stage. All activities associated with the case, including interactions with the customer, are tracked on the case record for easy reference.

The system can automatically assign a target close date to the case, ensuring that case resolution occurs in a timely manner. If a case does not successfully close by the target date, the case can automatically escalate to the customer service manager for their attention.

Speed Up Case Resolution with 360-Degree View of Case Information

Case records provide customer service reps with an end-to-end view of the case, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to proceed toward resolution.

Giving Customers the Right Information at the Right Time

When a customer has a problem or a question, they want the answer now. With CRM for Banks’s helpful communication tools guiding interaction, customer service reps have the tools for getting customers the right responses quickly and efficiently.

CRM for Banks’s Knowledge Base is a central library where collateral can be easily stored and accessed. Collateral can be searched either by browsing through a category hierarchy set up by administrators, or by identifying specific parameters, such as keyword, title, subject, etc.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook also further enhances the speed in which customer service reps respond to email inquiries and requests. The integration enables customer service reps to upload templates that automatically populate the content of the email, or attach collateral documents to the email request.

Giving Customers the Right Information at the Right Time

The CRM for Banks Knowledge Base is a valuable repository for articles, how-to guides, and other important collateral. Integration with Outlook enables service reps to email these articles directly to customers.

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